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how it will cool off when we check the seven-day forecast. >> this kind of heat can be extremely dangerous. health officials are warning residents to take precautions. >> there have been 23 heat- related deaths so far and officials don't want to see more. >> the heat-related deaths were in baltimore city and officials are warning themselves to take care of themselves and each other. >> these are very dangerous conditions. >> their warning people to be on the offensive. already, the medical examiner determined 23 people have died from heat so far this summer either directly or indirectly. >> it can be determined they had a heat stroke or something related where their core temperature got so high that they died of heat directly. there are other cases where we are not sure. they may have had an underlying medical condition. the cause of death may have been
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their medical condition but it may have been worsened by the heat. >> temperatures on wednesday surpassed 100 degrees with heat index soaring even higher. health officials warn people to stay inside when possible and if you have to be outside, stay in the shade and drink plenty of water. >> i get a cup of water every 5 minutes. >> adults are staying cool by grabbing a snow cone or fresh squeezed lemonade. owners know when the temperature goes up business will be booming. >> we get prepared for it. stay tune -- stay cool. >> health officials say there does not have to be any more heat related death. everyone is potentially preventable. >> if you look for people who are vulnerable don't have access to air conditioning or live alone or have medical conditions, those are the people
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we want to reach. >> last summer, there were 34 heat-related deaths across the state. officials hope we don't make it up to that number again this year. heat causedntense an activation of the peak event. this is different from the non- emergency event later in the day. it was directed by the electrical grid operator who says a.c. current to be cycled at their rate and they have. it could be cycling up to six hours or longer. >> crews under contract with the department of public works continue to work on a busted the water main in downtown baltimore. our reporter tells us this is not the first time the major artery has had a problem. >> for some, the water main break had a familiar feel to it,
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as if we had seen this movie before. sure enough, we had. this was the scene on january 11, 1980. jim of mustard brought viewers these images which were vaguely familiar. a 40-inch main burst creating such a force that it blew manhole covers into the air. >> that is an extremely large main. >> as construction crews repaired the busted main and it replaced the parallel 10 inch line, questions are still remaining. it appears history has repeated itself. an assessment was done nearly three years ago and it determined that the line was a risk. >> this stretch of pipe plus the tension was high risk.
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it was subject to breakage soon. >> and it broke monday during the worst possible time, evening rush hour. officials say are trying to be as proactive as they can with what resources and money they have, pledging to increase the high-risk lines to prevent further catastrophe. >> we're going to go from much less than 5 miles in terms of rehabilitation to 20 miles. that will increase until we are doing 40 miles a year. >> police are investigating to overnight shooting spree the most recent happened a little over 3:00 this morning. that is where they found a man suffering from a gunshot wound to the stomach. police responded to a shooting on abbott court where one man was found shot in the arm.
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no word on a possible motive in either case. officers investigating those crimes and others will have another tool at their disposal. the mayor today announced a city watch community partnership incorporating a database of public and private camera systems that would allow police to identify systems in close proximity to crime scenes. >> the partnership will allow more businesses and residents to further reduce crime in our neighborhood. >> the mayor thinks the able foundation for the grant that makes this happen. >> the nation's high court resumes -- this box a maryland court decision that the action violates the fourth amendment rights protecting people from illegal search and seizure. the decision was based on alonzo king jr., convicted of a 2003 rape based on evidence taken
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after his arrest for assault charges in 2009. john roberts said the order will remain in effect until king response to the state's arguments and he has until july 25 to do that. >> today, the governor pledged a new gambling bill by friday they could consider during a special session this summer. these comments came after a 90 minute meeting with house speaker and members of the baltimore city delegation at city hall. we have been following the developments. let's go live to the newsroom. >> the meeting is essential because there is not enough votes to pass a gambling bill. the delegation is a big voting bloc and opposed to a sixth casino. the governor has assured delegation members that a mechanism can be put in place to offset a loss of revenues.
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no horse trading for votes, just the facts. if a new casino opens in prince george's county, what can be done to prevent baltimore from losing gambling -- gambling revenues? >> you have provisions to make sure the city and county are held harmless in terms of local share. >> the local share of gambling revenue is used to offset hosting a casino. on the table with a proposal to increase in baltimore city posture by 5%. >> we believe we can put it in a pot for anne arundel and baltimore city and divided up into percentages where anne arundel would get the full expectation of money and baltimore city would get its full expectation of money. >> members of the delegation were able to attend a meeting called by the mayor. the delegation chairman characterize that presentation as murky. >> my mom always told me to get it in writing. that's what we want to do. we want to see it in writing and
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take a look because we don't want to make a recommendation for the casino operator of baltimore city. we want to do what is best for the citizens. >> there are other issues to consider. the creation of a gaming commission sets tax rates. many oppose that. shifting ownership to casino operators. then there is the senate president factor -- the city delegation favors table games but opposes a casino. the delegation resents the fact that the senate leaders will not move a table games only bill because the powerful senate president has tide table games to adding a sixth location. the governor told the delegation he will put details of a special session in writing by friday. the delegation will meet on wednesday to discuss it. >> some of us heard the details of these concepts or proposals for the first time and i do believe generally most people
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felt they understood. >> any expansion of gambling will have to be approved by voters to get the measure on the ballot in november. a special session would have to pass the bill in time for the board of elections to finalize the referendum by august 20. >> still ahead, some of the nation's major defense contractors are sounding the alarm about automatic cuts to spending in the military. >> we will have more with a battle brewing on capitol hill. >> that includes why thousands of jobs in maryland could be in jeopardy. >> nobody waffles around their football playing future like ed reeve. that story later in sports. >> strong thunderstorms on the eastern shore. we will check your seven-day forecast and just few minutes.
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>> tonight, millions of jobs in the defense industry could be on the line if the fund -- if cuts take place in january. we've got more from capitol hill. >> the defense secretary has said the spending cuts would be catastrophic, warning more than
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a million jobs could be impacted. on capitol hill, -- >> can you each confirm that layoffs are reasonably foreseeable? >> yes, sir. >> yes, sir. >> yes, sir. >> yes, sir. >> the nation's top defense contractors and aerospace companies congressional committee that would have to slash jobs. >> the question is which employees would be terminated? we don't really know. >> if a trillion dollars in automatic cuts goes into effect at the beginning of next year, the process called sequestration. >> this is cosmetic surgery with a chainsaw. >> in a report claims up to 2 million jobs could be lost as a result of the budget cuts with states like california have hardest followed by maryland, florida, pennsylvania and massachusetts. >> it would be bad for the economy and bad for defense. >> lawmakers seem to agree on the impact but disagree over how to stop it from happening.
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>> if we are going to remove the sequester, we need to take a balanced approach. >> what that means is you give us your checkbook. >> the white house says congress needs to figure out. >> congress needs to act to avert enforcement of the sequester and there is time for congress to do that. >> but with the clock ticking and no agreement in sight, some lawmakers are pointing the finger back at the white house. house passed a measure in demanding the administration disclose how it would implement these cuts if they go through next year. >> the thank you. we have a fall plan extreme case of mistaken identity. the family have spent stop on multiple occasions and detained by authorities because they thought he was a wanted man. it turns out he likely shares the same name as a russian national wanted for counterfeiting.
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the confusion has caused tremendous stress. >> i woke up because i'm on the passenger side and my son is in the back and i see officers running out pulling their weapons. i looked at him and said something is going down. >> i said they're coming after me. >> i looked and they are surrounding our car. >> can you imagine that? you will see what he has in common with the fugitive of the same name and what he has to do any time he goes traveling. >> i think we're going to get through this transition and get rid of the heat without a widespread weather event. some pockets of thunderstorms but not a big severe weather event like i thought might happen. strong thunderstorms over the eastern shore but things are quiet with light rain around frederick.
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as far as severe weather goes, this is the only one in town. if you are watching us over there, this storm has the capability of producing wind gusts over 60 miles an hour. we continue to track it east in delaware over the next 15 or 20 minutes. thunderstorms in the mountains will stay there. around baltimore, it will be fairly quiet. this graphic still has a severe thunderstorm watch in effect until 9:00. i think the weather service will leave this emplace. there could be storms popping up as we had through the next couple of hours but it will taper off once the sun goes down. it was a hot day today. we had 104 degrees at the airport. 107 degrees downtown. i think these thermometers the to be calibrated. if this holds up to be true, 104 degrees breaks the old record set back in 1887 of 102 degrees.
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one of the hottest days we have seen for a long time in baltimore. but we are about to break the way. it is just a walking, moving slowly and will get through here by the end of the weekend stalled out tomorrow and friday and continue to push down the coast as we head into the weekend. we will have a chance for showers and thunderstorms for awhile. i'm not talking about severe weather but just some beneficial rain. it was 104 degrees down to 76. the forecast for the rest the night, showers and thunderstorms mostly just before midnight and that will settle down. it will be muggy because the front is not going to go through until tomorrow. clouds and sunshine tomorrow and a chance for showers and thunderstorms. temperatures between 89 and 94
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degrees. a chance of rain on friday. that's how slowly this front goes through. only 83 degrees and into the weekend, nice weather on saturday and sunday with sunshine and low humidity. overnight lows in the '60s. >> and the ravens safety has considered his annual camp in the baltimore area and unlike many players, [unintelligible] it is impressive and when he takes to the microphone, you just never know. in an interview today, he spoke about his future with the team plus frustrations with playing professional football. >> you have so-called true raven fans as they say but when you say you are not coming to camp, they tend to go the other way. but you can't worry about those people. there are fans who truly love
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you and support you regardless of the situation. i never thought about not playing. for the time, after a season, that always says something different. a player would be wrong not to assess themselves. after a season, that's what i was doing. i was reflecting. i got myself away from football. that's why i did not come to minicamp. i spent time with my family. >> he will play for the ravens. [unintelligible]
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adam jones absolutely crushed the rivals with the 21st home run of the season and a perfect gift to a young pitcher trying to reestablish his presence on the grid. 11 straight games that the orioles have lost. his first start of the year. >> i feel fine physically, just frustrated because i feel like once i get that spot, i need to battle and find a way to get that win. he did the best he could. >> tonight, he continues his yo- yos that is with the orioles. the orioles are two games over
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500 but only a half-game out. stay with us. check of your forecast coming up.
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>> first of the heat and then mother nature unloads some severe thunderstorms. how the weekend forecast is shaping up. the formula for a pain killer has been changed to make it less attractive to addicts that now appears young abusers have moved appears young abusers have moved onto an illegal
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chances are, you're not made of money, so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico, see how much you could save.
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>> this is a look at the traffic backed up at the bay bridge which was closed because of high winds. traffic party says the eastbound lane has been reopened but the traffic is still being holed westbound. scaffolding has to be removed from the roadway, but things are starting to move. as you can see, it is bad. >> the thunderstorm that cost that is moving across part of kent county. a thunderstorm warning in kent county until 7:00. when a gust up to 60 miles an hour. some light rain for the west of the evening. temperatures dropping to the '70s.
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only 92 tomorrow. how about that? >> thank you for doing this.
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